200 creepers
Mobs are the various types of creatures and monsters found in Minecraft. Currently, there are 14 unique mobs although alternative mobs can be implemented by mods. Mobs are affected by the same environmental hazards as the player, including burning and collision (falling) damage.


Allied mobs follow players around and protect them after being tamed.

Wolf (Tamed)


Passive mobs will never attack the player.
Require a grass covered block to spawn, with the exception of Squid which spawns in water blocks.

Pig sheep Cow Chicen Squid


Neutral mobs will not attack the player unless provoked.



wolf (Wild)


Aggressive mobs will attack the player when in range.
Require a light level of 7 or less to spawn with the exception of Ghasts and Slimes.

Zombie Skeleton Spider Spider Jockey Creeper Slime Ghast

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